Luxury transfers by limo & mini-van

We in taxibusthess offer luxurious and safe travel services in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and beyond.

We are professional drivers and taxi owners in the last 12 years. All these years we have demonstrated high professionalism especially ensuring the safe and comfortable transportation of passengers, we always had luxury Mercedes cars, well maintained, always clean and we are in the driving seat always polite and helpful.

Some of the services we offer

Thessaloniki transportation

Transport of passengers and their luggage safely to and Means Towards Thessaloniki Public Transport.

Limo decoration for wedding

Use one of your vehicles. A Mercedes Benz, will give another air in the most beautiful moment of your life.

Tour destinations

Pickup from anywhere in Greece and visit to tourist destinations and not only.

Learn more about our services in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, ask for bids for specialized services such as winter – summer excursions, transport children on a monthly basis, services to hotels and more.

Other services

Possibility of personal mobility for small – medium sized companies on a monthly basis.

Private schools on a daily basis or associations of parents to transfer their children to school.

Hotel units upon request for transfer from client-to destination.

Frequently asks

Are these expencive services

No, our prices are corresponding movements with larger means of transport, and from the lowest in Europe.

How many people could service by vehicle?

From 1 to 9 people with our vehicles. Naturally for mono-multi-day excursions, routes with 6 people or more have the best price / performance ratio.

How many days earlier have I make a reservation?

It is advisable to make telephone consultation at least 2-3 days in advance. Maybe in the summer with the workload it is necessary to contact us even earlier.
Of course, we will do the impossible possible to serve the same day, if this is possible.