Aridea – Pozar spa

Over the centuries through religions, mythologies and traditions, people attributed extraordinary properties to water. Belief in the superior nature of water had many applications in various rituals, which were often associated with healing practices. This connection was made because people quickly realized that liquid elements could act as a means of relief.

Indoor pools

Loutropolis has been licensed for its operation by the Ministry of Tourism and since 2019 has been an officially certified Spa Treatment Unit. The indoor swimming pools and hammams located in the interior of Loutropolis lead the visitor to enjoy the beneficial properties of thermalism.

Outdoor pools

The natural waterfalls along the river, with thermal water, where the visitor can bathe both for health and recreation reasons, give the place a special beauty. Also, idyllic cafes offer their services in the heart of green nature.


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Aridea – Pozar spa

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