Meteora is a region in Thessaly (Central Greece) and Kalambaka is the city under the rock towers of Meteora.

What makes Meteora so special are the monasteries on top of the rocks. These monasteries are located at a very high altitude, and there are hiking trails (at the most accessible monasteries), and thus many tourists come to Meteora all year round.

“Hovering in the air” (the meaning of Meteors in Greek), the monasteries are a unique artistic achievement and are one of the most powerful examples of the architectural transformation of an area into a place of meditation and prayer.

Meteora is a stunning example of the type of monasticism with constructions that depict an important stage in history, from the 14th and 15th centuries, when the ascetic ideals of early Christianity defined the need for monastic communities, both in the Western world (in Tuscany, for example) as well as in Orthodoxy

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