Tourism destinations

You have arranged a trip to Thessaloniki and you have two or three days of rest.

There are many tourist destinations of either historical importance, or attractions or even leisure resorts that you can visit for a one-day excursion.

In the green Platamonas with the crystal clear organized beaches. Edessa, the Fairy of the Cascades, Ioannina with the picturesque beauty and the Lake of Legends. Meteora with their hearths, famous rocks and picturesque monasteries.

Also trips to Zagorohoria of tradition and legends. In Volos with the famous tsipourodias and hospitable residents, in the stone-built Xanthi with the old town bazaar

Summer getaways in the popular Pefkohori with the fantastic beaches, in the pine-tree Siviri. In Hanioti with its lively nightlife and beautiful beaches. In the green Porto Koufo for moments of relaxation and your daily baths in Halkidiki.

Finally, after the summer, there are 2 beautiful seasons for road excursions in autumn and winter, with leaves turning yellow giving a beautiful color to the trees and skiing snowflakes for skiers and daily getaways.

The nearby daily destinations such as Elatohori, Trikala, the old Ag. Panteleimonas, Litochoro and many other destinations await you with the enchanting winter landscapes and the traditional cafes and restaurants with a fireplace that offer you their warmth and hospitable environment.

Also we can not leave out the day trips to the ski resorts. A winter sports enthusiast will seize the opportunity for a day trip to Kaimaktsalan, the 3 5 Pigadia, Seli and Bansko at any time.

See destinations, some of the day trip plans from Thessaloniki for your favorite destinations throughout Northern Greece, the new destinations you want to visit and see so close to Thessaloniki as well as away and do not hesitate to contact us for any specialized requirement.